Veeam Backup for M365 v6: New Installation UI

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 version 6 has been released with several great new features, including a new installation and upgrade UI!

When you first launch Veeam.Setup.exe, you get greeted with the following screen:

As you progress through the installation, the options remain the same as before, just with a facelift.

The license agreement has been simplified, removing the checkboxes and simply allowing you to click “I Accept”.

The System Configuration check is next and takes only a moment.

Then the installation location can be selected.

Finally, we get a nice little progress screen showing the installation status and some information about product functionality, including new features.

When the installation completes, we are presented with a nice little confirmation screen in Veeam green.

The UI change is certainly small, but sometimes the small changes are the nicest ones.

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